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The Story behind the Painting
Patrick H McCarthy
Foreword by Barry Pearce


The painting Bailed Up by Tom Roberts is probably Australia’s best known work of art. However the story about how and where it was painted, is the stuff of legend.
In this beautiful and intriguing book Patrick McCarthy shares his painstaking researches into the background of Bailed Up, where it was painted and who modelled for the artist. For years the highway robbery so cleverly depicted, has been a source of dispute but now after careful examination of the evidence, the author gives a probable answer.
Even more interesting is the saga of Bailed Up after its completion.
For thirty-three years Tom Roberts was unable to find a buyer for this masterpiece and even sent it to London in the hope of a sale. When ultimately it was sold, it went for a bargain price.
Then came recognition and, suddenly, Bailed Up was the painting everyone wanted to see. Today Tom Roberts is referred to as ‘the father of Australian landscape painting’ for his ability to portray the countryside as it really was. This book is an important addition to the story of one of Australia’s greatest paintings and includes a foreword by Barry Pearce, Senior Curator, Art Gallery of NSW.

ISBN 0 949284 72 6
190 pp Hardback with jacket
240mm x 240mm
Full colour
$45 inc GST